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Madrid Tennis Open
del 18 al 20 de junio de 2010
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Groups of the Madrid Tennis Open 2010

In the Open category, men and women will fight it out to be the best. The singles men category is composed of six players. After a Round Robin confrontation, the player with the highest number of wins will be the winner. Who will be able to dethrone José Bosch, the man who sweeps everyone before him in regional and international leagues?

The goal is clear: all against him! A fight only using rackets, passing shots, volleys and serves that you cannot miss… under the sun.

The doubles category will witness the gathering of many friends and players who know each other well… We will see several Spanish players and three players from other countries: Olivier and Johan repeat the experience (as usual) and Lee plays with our Javi.

The women’s group is made of four brave and courageous women who will offer us their best tennis to conquer Madrid. María José plays at home and will be surrounded by many friends, creating a warm atmosphere on the courts.

Good luck everyone.


Thread group, players from countries as diverse as Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Australia... Sweating on the newly painted blue tracks in Alcorcón, offering the best to win. Sean Kennedy's aggressive in his game, defending his No. 1 to the rest ... He oinins his Scottish friend to try to win both events. Watch out for players who do not know, you can give us many surprises. Do not miss it and, between tracks, swimming pool and food ... to enjoy watching great matches.


Many girls are released in Madrid this year, we are happy to receive and enjoy all that we offer. We have made special shirts for you girl, more suitable to your silhouette. Aristela ... my biggest fan.

At last I'll see you in Madrid!

Luis Pérez Gil



From the exclusive Open and A categories (“exclusive” for the number of participants, please note), we move on to the analysis of the middle-class of the GLTA, that is the overcrowded B and C Groups and the not-so-crowded Group D. The heads of Group B seem a branch of the Plaza Catalunya, ¡the number of panteres exceeds that of madopointers! If on top of that we count Ángel Chávez in among the heads of the group, Angel being a common presence in recent semifinals and finals in Madrid, one could easily bet that at least one of the finalists will be from Catalonia. But the perennial presence of Hein Jan Lapidaire, José Blanco and Valter Tonelli (beautifully loyal), together with a large Belgian delegation, will do their best to avoid that.

As for the lower part of the classification list… I am not sure if can be really objective, since my own honour is at stake here, but I will try… Manel Ginés has shown once and again that he is competitive, Yannis Blackburn has demonstrated that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and above all there is a match I so do not want miss: that of Axier Uzkudun, one of the players whose improvement has been blatant this year, against Scotsman Paul Steward. Yes, Paul, have you noticed that I no longer say you are English? And as it happens with Axier, I have also got better! (although not in tennis, unfortunately). And, why not? Allow me make a self-prediction. If we look at history, then the consolation prize is mine, but again statistics are there to be broken, or at least so the saying says. So… don’t lose sight of me! 


In the C Group, we meet over 40 rackets for an only treasure. Will the trophy end on the shelf of a representative of the backspin style, such as Ángel Bragado or Elías López? Will Matías Luján impose his consistency? Or maybe Sergio Castro’s long shanks and César Finca’s polished style will prove decisive? These are just the features of some players I know well, but this group will give us the chance to welcome many other participants: that is the case of Pedro Constantino, the first Portuguese I remember playing in Madrid, or Leon Verest, for whom this is his first GLTA tournament, if the webpage tournamentsoftware hasn’t tricked me. That same source indicates that Lionel Ramat, after not playing a GLTA tournament outside France since 2007, has chosen Madrid for his comeback. Even the number one seed, Philippe Moore, makes his debut in the Forum. To the four of them, and by extension (¿?) to all those players coming over to Madrid for the first time, WELCOME.


Giraldo is number one seed, and that is no suprise in light of his recent results. Be that as it may, after carefully checking against a long white-bearded fortune teller, I have been told that since Madpoint players outnumber players from other clubs in this category, this could well be a good opportunity for some of our debutants, such as Danny Flórez, Álvaro Borrego, Rafa Lozano or Alejandro Piñón to pull their socks up and cause quite a stir. José Manuel Somoano and Gabriel Narbón already know what it is like to participate in an MTO and we wish them all the best, but since we like new things, here you have a few: two participants from the Elaios club (Zaragoza), Fernando Garin Jansa and Javier Albiac, will participate in this tournament for the first time. It is a pleasure for us to see that outside Madrid and Barcelona there are players who look for their own way and take part in tournaments. These two players also play doubles in Group D and will play against another new couple, two players who are not only new to Madrid, but also to the whole GLTA tournament in the Old Continent: Kevin Haynes and Kenneth Croft. We hope that this transoceanic experience proves to be unforgettable to you. To them and to all of us who will participate in a tournament that  promises emotions in every ball, in every set and in every game –unless the stifling heat melts us all- go our sincere gratitude and our welcome to our tournament, to our town, to our homes and to our lifes.

Let the show begin!

Alberto Lazcano


Polideportivo Municipal Santo Domingo

Luis Perez Gil ahead of us
what we see in this 2010
edition of the tournament gay tennis in Madrid.



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