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Madrid Tennis Open
del 18 al 20 de junio de 2010
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Interview with Alberto Lazcano

- This year the tournament is full of new features. Which are the most important ones? What can we expect from the tournament?
Above all the change of the venue, which is a result of a personal determination. After years using the tennis courts in the idyllic venue of the Casa de Campo, we felt the need for a quality leap to tennis courts in perfect conditions, and the new venue has been repaired for us. Likewise, there has been a change in the organising committee, although Luis and I we were already part of the former team, which we will always be thankful to for having paved the way so as to continue ahead without problems. This year we will have a free bus for the tournament, catering close to the tennis courts, a swimming pool, professional advising on nutrition during the tournament and also advising on stretching.

- Over 40 GLTA tournaments this year. Why coming over to Madrid? How would to try persuade those still undecided?
Madrid has always had a special je ne sais quoi for foreign players, we have always been voted in the polls as the best tournament, the best director, best volunteers…and, in spite of the heat, many players visit Madrid year after year. I do not need to persuade them, Madrid does.

- This is the eighth edition of the tournament in Madrid. What memories do you have of your first experiences in the Madrid Open? Was that tournament very different to the one we know now?
I was actually the president of the sports club that gave birth to this club and to many other sports clubs. I have dear memories of the tennis section, of their involvement in all they would do and of how easy they would make things for the club. We were all soooo young. I also remember that, in 2007, when I won the doubles and the singles titles, after playing for 8 hours one Saturday under the sun, just the thought of playing the finals Sunday would make me want to cry.

- Why do you think that this tournament has grown so much?
We have passed from 60 participants in 2005 to over 150 in 2010. Word of mouth has been crucial, above all that done by players we can consider to be our biggest fans: Thomas James Kidd, Patrick Tang, John Lundberg…

- What memories do you have of your first GLTA tournament? Which tournament was it? And how about your first participation in Madrid?
My first international tournament was that of the EuroGames Munich in 2004. The inauguration ceremony was spectacular, the number of players was unbelievable, I remember meeting new friends and it still seems to me that the tennis courts were planets away… We were surrounded by horses, ducks and dove-size mosquitoes, all this under a Spanishesque sun.

- If you could steal a shot from any GLTA player, which shot would be?
So many… Javier González’s one handed backhand, Jesús Galán’s speed, and Pavel Yakunin’s serve and all the rest.

- Tell us about a match you especially remember for your good performance or for what it meant to you, and tell us about another match that makes your hair stand on end
Champion Race, London 2006: match against an American (years later I would play doubles with him in Miami): I was losing 6-1, 5-2, I saved 4 match points and I was winning the third set 5-2. And I lost it. So much effort for nothing. But I enjoyed coming back.

- This year there is a new GLTA tournament in Bangkok, which does not seem to be a bad holiday destination. Can you think of a town and a tournament that does not exist but that you would die to go to?
That is the case of Rome, a tournament that will be held this year and a town I cannot wait to visit. I would like to go to countries where the number of GLTA players is not very high, so as foster it and make it more popular.

- And talking of dreams, tell us what you would like Madrid Tennis Open 2020 to be like.
I would like everyone to enjoy their time to the maximum, to see the tournament progress without problems, that noone gets sunburnt and that we can see high-level tennis.

Now short questions and answers.

- A tennis idol?
Roger Federer, of course

- Favourite artist?
Sarah Bettens

- A celebrity you loathe
George Bush

- A celebrity you admire
Queen Sophia of Spain

- Where would you go with a time machine?
To the future

- A virtue

- A defect
I am excessively ironic… Sometimes it is misunderstood

- An old habit you have
Why do I always put on the left shoe first?

- And last…
do you snore?
I have recently lost 10 kilos. Since then, I have been told I do not snore anymore.. I used to sleep like a freight train.


Polideportivo Municipal Santo Domingo

Alberto Lazcano answers our questions.



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