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Madrid Tennis Open
del 18 al 20 de junio de 2010
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Interview with Mariate Escalada, former copresident of Madpoint

In a club anemic of girls, she has long been the feminine blood of MTO and Madpoint. A hard worker and enormous fighter, her encouragement has been crucial in launching women’s draws, still budding in Madrid. In this 2010 edition, and for the first time in many years, she will not take part in the tournament, but her hard work to date makes her one of the most authorized voices to talk about MTO.

- After so long not only playing, but also organizing the tournament, you are not taking part this year. Why?
I have been suffering from various injuries for months, and am not fully recovered yet, so I've decided to take a break in order to heal.

- Why do you think the difference in the number of women in our tournament is so great compared to that in other tournaments such as Amsterdam or Zurich?
In general, women do not get really involved in sports, and besides, do not forget the problem that still exists in Spanish society: homosexuality among women is not well accepted, and we do not want to be earmarked as…

- For a long time you have been the main representative of women in the club and in the tournament. Has that been hard? Have you missed the company of more women?
It has not been hard at any moment. I have done it with great pleasure and with the help of many of you, but yes, I would have loved to have seen more women help out.

- Please, recommend to us a GLTA tournament that you deem to be a model for women’s draws.
Undoubtedly Amsterdam tournament (Pinkster Tournament).

- What do you imagine yourself doing form now up to 20 years from now? And what is the idea you have of a perfect life in 25 years?
To be honest with you, I have not been a real dreamer lately, but I would like to see myself playing beach-tennis and surfing on California beaches.

- Do you have any tennis idols? Which ones? And outside the tennis world?
I have always been impressed by John McEnroe’s talent and by Amelie Mauresmo’s striving capacity (inside and outside the tennis court).

Short questions.

A virtue you value in another person. Sincerity.
A virtue you value in yourself. Discretion.
A character you cannot stand. The bear of the brand Tous.
Impulsive or rational? Yesterday impulsive. Today, rational.
What’s your side of the bed? Always the right side.
A project, an idea you would like to make come true in the future. Being Minister of Sports.
A saver or a big spender? Organised.
What is the key to conquering you? A good conversation and a big smile.
What is your relationship with new technologies: a love story, a story of loathing or you simply put up with each other? We are continuously flirting.


Mariate Escalada

Mariate Escalada was
co-president of Madpoint



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