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Madrid Tennis Open
del 18 al 20 de junio de 2010
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Welcome to Madrid and to the website of Madrid Tennis Open 2010

As you can see we have worked hard both to update the web page of the tournament and to create a new tool where you will find all the useful information, such as draws, matches, schedules, maps and even the weather forecast.

But there is more than that. Thanks to the support of Internetria, a professional team among the Spanish and European elite in the creation of web pages and social networks, we have made a real quality leap at launching a web page that is among the best web pages in our tennis circuit, including contents updated daily, interviews, nutrition and physiotherapy advice and a strong commitment to social networks. The indisputable actors of the tournament and of this web page are the tennis and each and everyone of the 150 participants this year. This is why from this web page we give our support to the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation in celebration of the European Week against Leukaemia, an enormously important social action we feel proud to sponsor.

In sum, those of us in the Madrid Tennis Open 2010 we have wanted to become pioneers and offer a web page comparable to that of a professional tournament in which to find all you need to know about the competition and the town. But in addition to that we have wanted to reflect who we are and who we have been. This web page will be updated to include the daily news of the tournament, but it will also become a recipient of our memory as a club, as a group of people joined by the passion for tennis, a sport that has allowed us to discover new places and to cross borders, a sport that has offered us some of our most beautiful memories and many of the friends whose company we enjoy today.

Perhaps this website won't change your life or improve your first serve (if it did, I would have started it just for myself), but we do hope it gives you good advice in order to enjoy Madrid and the tournament to the upmost

Thanks a zillion to all of you for coming to our city and for participating in Madrid Tennis Open 2010.


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Madrid Tennis Open
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